BB team members are spread all around the globe. We are professionally trained with the best knowledge to counsel students and provide guidance in visa application procedures. We are growing each year and we welcome anyone who wishes to join our team and have a career in this field. Currently we have 18 offices in 15 countries with over 90 global team members. We speak more than 20 languages. We are looking to expand to Latin America and Africa continent. Come join our BB team!

The Career

Being an education and migration consultant is not only about giving good advice to students or migrants, but it is also a great and satisfying opportunity to be able to help others in advancing their education and career/life. Education is a necessity, which means a satisfactory career. The most important factor that drives our team to achieve the best is our passion to help people in their lives. Therefore our slogan to our students/clients goes, “You choose your future, We guide you through”!

# 1

Experience studying abroad or studied and living in a new country besides the country of origin

# 4

A sociable character as the job is all about communicating and getting to know your students/clients

# 2

Good basic knowledge about education system and different levels of courses

# 5

Familiarity with the latest technologies in terms of internet, communication and computer softwares pertaining to this business