Internships and Career

With an Internship or our Bridge Blue Mentoring Program from our trainer, you can apply your classroom studies to the real world. This can also help you find the right career fit, as well as provide beneficial experience for future resumes and job applications. Our Mentoring Program is to assist young people to positively engage in and maintain their participation in education, training and employment. These programs assist young people to develop a vision for their future and provide support to achieve their education, training and career goals.

We also provide the opportunity for businesses to source interns through our placement programs. The programs target current students and recent graduates and aim to equip them with professional skills that ensure a successful transition to the workforce. From an employer’s perspective, they are happy if you have done any work before or if you’ve worked in a nine-to-five environment anywhere. But if you have relevant experience, then that puts you well ahead of other applicants. It’s a very competitive job market!

Hiring interns can be exceptionally beneficial to companies in any field of industry.

  • Student interns are motivated and bring increased productivity.  They are young, fresh, and willing to prove themselves. Interns commit to tasks and work hard at completing them quickly and efficiently. Interns are able to work on a variety of projects with enthusiasm.
  • Increase productivity. Interns can relieve overwork. They are available throughout the year and can be crucial additions to accomplish what needs to be done. Interns can act as support to the existing staff.
  • New ideas and perspectives. Interns bring with them the knowledge and skills learned through education. They have new ideas, insights, and processes that will benefit the workforce and work environment of the company.
  • Find future employees. Internships are a great way to bring in possible future employees. Internships offer a trial period in which the employer is able to assess the skills of an intern without the full commitment of an employee. A successful intern can be a successful employee that grows the company.
  • Improve leadership and supervisory skills. Through the mentoring of interns the staff develops skills in being leaders and supervisors. Having an intern benefits both the intern and the company through mutual education and the building of essential skills.
  • Internships give the employer the opportunity to shape and mold the skills most sought after for the company. Since they are young and still studying they haven’t had the chance to develop unwanted working habits.
  • Test-drive the talent. Cut-down on recruitment costs and risks. Potential interns might like to stay; your company will already know the interns qualities and history by the time full employment is up for discussion, which reduces risks of hiring unknown candidates.
  • Give back to the community. By hiring interns companies are helping to promote and benefit the educational system.
  • Take advantage of low-cost labor. Interns are inexpensive, their salaries are significantly lower than staff employees, and sometimes they are even willing to work at no cost. Moreover, while their wage requirements are modest, they’re among the most highly motivated members of the workforce.
  • Support students. For a student it is highly beneficial to do an Internship in order to gain experience, develop skills, strengthen their resumes, learns about a field and to assess their interest and abilities.
  • Offering a paid internship is particularly beneficial, because it enables economically disadvantaged students to participate.
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