What is an Internship?

Internships in Australia

  • An internship is an unpaid training period in the area of your choice.
  • It is a custom designed program at a company to suit your specific needs. We will design an internship to give you the precise experience that you require.
  • It is a period of training where you will gain some invaluable experience in your area of interest.
  • It is a period where you will be training with industry professionals in your area of interest.
  • It is a training period where you will get to experience the environment of training in your area of interest.
  • All companies are reputable and have been vetted by our staff.
  • Many companies have experience in dealing with international interns.
  • You will always have an immediate supervisor at the company that will be responsible for your training.
  • It is your first step in getting some practical experience.
  • It is a great alternative to sitting in the classroom – get out there, have fun, and build your resume as you go!!!!!

Choose from any of the following fields or specify and we will match your request with a suitable organisation:

Accounting, Aged Care and Child Care, Agriculture, Architecture, Arts, Banking and Finance, Education, Engineering, Environmental Science, Forestry, Government, Graphic Design, Health, Hospitality and Tourism, Human Resources, Information Technology, Law and Politics, Linguistics, Sales and Marketing, Media and Journalism, Marine Science, Photography, Political studies, Retail, Sociology, Sport, Telecommunications… plus many more

Why do an Internship?

Internationalise your resume/CV
Gain valuable experience within your field
Obtain credit for your existing studies
Develop workplace English skills
Form alliances with international companies
Gain recognition within your profession
Improve your career opportunities
Develop an appreciation for the Australian work ethic and labour procedures


  • A completed Internship Application form with AUD$500 deposit.
  • Current resume or curriculum vitae, by email.

  • Statement of work experience objectives and how the work experience relates to current studies or occupation, by email.

  • Details of the completed or current studies with academic results from your university.

  • Evidence of financial support or training wage. This may be included in the home university letter, the training body letter or as a separate document. A rough guide is AUD$1000 per month.

  • Evidence of your medical, accident, travel and personal liability insurance.

    A high level of English language proficiency is required prior to commencing your work placement.

Additional Requirements for Paid Hospitality Internships

  • Must have studied at least 1 year in a course which relates to the hospitality industry
  • Must not have more than 2 years of work experience in the hospitality industry

Visa Information

The Special Program visa (subclass 416) is a temporary visa that allows you to participate in an approved special program that provides opportunities for youth exchange, cultural enrichment or community benefits.
You must be invited by an approved special program sponsor.
You can be in or outside Australia when you apply for this visa:
• if you apply in Australia, you must be in Australia to be granted the visa
• if you apply outside Australia, you must be outside Australia to be granted the visa.

If you are in Australia, usually you must hold a substantive visa to apply for a Special Program visa.

The Working Holiday visa (subclass 417) is a temporary visa for young people who want to holiday and work in Australia for up to a year. It is a temporary visa that encourages cultural exchange and closer ties between Australia and eligible countries.

First Working Holiday visa: You must be outside Australia when you apply for your first Working Holiday visa and when the visa is decided.

Second Working Holiday visa: If you apply in Australia, you must be in Australia when the visa is granted. If you apply outside Australia, you must be outside Australia when the visa is granted.

The Work and Holiday (Temporary) visa (subclass 462) is for young people who want to holiday and work in Australia for up to a year.

It is a temporary visa that encourages cultural exchange and closer ties between Australia and eligible countries.

The Training and Research visa (subclass 402) is for people who want to come to Australia on a temporary basis to participate in occupational training, observe or participate in research as a visiting academic, or participate in a professional development program.

This is not a work visa.

This visa has three streams:

Occupational Trainee stream: for people who need structured workplace-based training to enhance their skills in their current occupation, area of tertiary study, or field of expertise.
Professional Development stream: for professionals, managers or government officials invited to participate in a professional development training program in Australia. The program must have been arranged by an employer outside Australia and usually lasts up to 18 months.
Research stream: for professional academics invited to visit Australia to observe or participate in an Australian research project at an Australian tertiary or research institution.
To apply in the Occupational Trainee or Research stream: you and anyone included in your application can be in or outside Australia when you apply:

Applying in Australia: If you are inside Australia you must lodge your application in Australia.

Applying outside Australia: If you are outside Australia you must lodge your application outside Australia.

You may be in or outside Australia at time of grant regardless of where the visa has been lodged.

To apply in the Professional Development stream: you must be outside Australia when you apply and when the visa is granted. Your sponsor can lodge the application on your behalf.

Applicants may complete an internship for up to 40 hours fortnightly throughout the semester (in some selected fields), or on a full-time basis during scheduled holidays/after graduation. Students completing an internship for Academic requirements may be able to complete full-time during their studies. Students are required to obtain work rights with the student visa prior to completing the internship.


All participants completing an internship in Australia are required to have medical, accident, travel and personal liability insurance for the duration of their internship.

Prior to commencing your internship you will have to supply evidence of your insurance coverage – in English!


All interns are required to have sufficient English language skills for effective workplace communication.

A guide to the required language level for Interns is TOEFL 550 or IELTS 6 – for more information, please contact us.

We encourage non-native speakers of English to consider an English language program to assist with preparing you for success in the workplace.

The opportunity to travel and work abroad will extend and prepare you for a highly competitive global market where advanced language skills will be a great asset.

Throughout the English and Internship Program you will interact with a variety of people from various backgrounds and cultures.


We want you to enjoy your stay in Australia and we are happy to assist with your accommodation arrangements. Following are brief descriptions of the accommodation options available to you:

We recommend homestay as a great personal introduction and welcome to the daily life in Australia. Living with an Australian family will give you a unique insight into the culture and values of our country and assist in preparing you for the business environment.

All homestay families are carefully selected and keen to ensure you enjoy your visit to Australia. After indicating your homestay preferences, Australian Internships will take the time to make sure that you have a homestay provided to meet your specific needs.

The fees for homestay vary and are influenced by your choice of location however please refer to the price section of this website for details on the homestay rates.

Many interns prefer to find their own accommodation but they still ask us to arrange initial accommodation for their arrival. Several inexpensive and safe hostels are available in each location. Prices start from AUD$18 per night or AUD$125 per week. Specific information will be supplied at your request.
Share accommodation is available in most locations. Many visitors choose to share flats or units with other Australian students or young singles and this option is popular for the independent interns who enjoy their own space. We strongly advise that you take the time to meet and view the premises for a share option after your arrival as they will vary quite dramatically, as will the people providing the accommodation.