• 76,637 total alumni

• 34,865 international alumni

• Campuses in three of the best cities in the world for students
– Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

• 20 % Merit based Scholarship is available to future undergraduate and postgraduate international students

• 115 Student Nationalities

• Rated five stars for Internationalisation, Inclusiveness and Online/Distance learning (QS StarsTM 2015).

• One of Australia’s most accessible and inclusive universities, with an affordable fee structure, diverse range of scholarships and extensive student support services

• Three terms per year with a non-compulsory Term 3 that may enable you to fast track your studies and get into the workforce sooner

• Queensland’s first dual sector university, offering a wide range of programs and courses from English through to vocational training and higher research degrees

• Internships, clinical and industrial placements and volunteering opportunities to maximize your employment prospects.

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